Brickfilm: Lego City Trash Truck 2

I’ve always admired brickfilmers who are capable of creating amazingly smooth shots in their films to the point where it almost feels as if they just recorded a video rather than animated it frame by frame. A great example of this kind of brickfilmer is JurassicBrickProductions and his latest brickfilm titled “Lego City Trash Truck 2”.

This short brickfilm follows the story of a minifig who went into the store and bought a brand new LEGO set for him to build. As he walks out of the store, his imagination goes wild and he imagines that one of the workers of the trash truck decided to try to steal his LEGO set. Through a great use of stop motion animation, the minifig and the trash truck worker engage in a pursuit/battle to see who gets to keep the set.

Overall, I was completely blown away by the quality of this brickfilm. Not only was it incredibly smooth, but the image color and sharpness was great. I honestly can’t wait to see what JurassicBrickProductions has instore for the future. Make sure to visit his YouTube channel to check out his other animations.


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