Brickfilm: LEGO Hotel

Sometimes some things are too good to be true, right? Well, after watching this short brickfilm you’d most likely agree with this phrase. In this short brickfilm titled “LEGO Hotel” you get to follow the story a young minifig who finds an unreal price of $9.99 for a room at the LEGO “Dream Hotel”. However, little does he know that the room doesn’t come with a bed, or nightstand, or table or even a TV… Not only that, but his day will be filled with little misadventures that might make his stay a little unpleasant.

This brickfilm was produced by Bricks Arcade and it was shot at 15fps with a total of 4,400 frames in total. If you’d like to see what Bricks Arcade might produce next time, then I encourage you to subscribe to his YouTube channel.


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