Brickfilm: LEGO Jurassic World Arcade

Are you looking for a short and enjoyable brickfilm? Well look no further as If You Build Its brand new brickfilm titled LEGO Jurassic World Arcade is just what you are looking for. This short brickfilm tells the story of a young boy who goes to the fairground, but is too short to go on any of the cool rides. Nonetheless, he finds a Dinosaur Arcade Video Game and starts to play. When he completes all the levels, the T-Rex is activated, but what will happen next…?

Props to If You Build It for this great brickfilm. The animation was quite smooth and the story was very easy to follow. Right from the get-go you could see that the boy’s main adventure had to do with finding out a way to enjoy all the rides in the fair. Also, the sequence where the kid play the game was very well put together. As a matter of fact, I was actually amazed by the mock up of a game menu and the character selection. That’s the kind of details we like to see on brickfilms. The only suggestion I could possibly give is checking the white balance. At the very beginning of the film the minifigs has a green tone to them, which I assume could be fixed by properly setting the white balance before hand.

Overall, If You Build It’s brickfilm is a nice little masterpiece and I suggest you visit his YouTube Channel and subscribe to be notified of any future films.


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