Brickfilm: Lego Police School 5

We’ve all heard about great escape stories from prison. There’s the classic story of the prisoner digging a tunnel, the prisoner tricking the guards, and even the prisoner hiding in the laundry basket. However, there’s one classic iteration of the story that we all know and love: a friend hiding a tool inside a cake so that the prisoner can open their cell. This is exactly was BlacksheepPictures decided to go with in their brickfilm titled “Lego Police School 5 – The Prison Break Part 1”.

Animated with nothing more than a Logitech C922x webcam, BlacksheepPictures tells us the story of a lover and her not so bright partner who is stuck in jail. With nothing more than a screwdriver, the prisoner is expected to make his way out of the prisoner before the guards realize he is gone, but will he make it?

BlacksheepPictures’ brickfilm was well animated and was easy to follow along. I can’t wait to see how the next installment of the series will play out.


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