Brickfilm: LEGO Spider Man School Fail

Do you have a young child or are looking for a simple and enjoyable brickfilm? If so, Super Cartoon Films has got you covered with their latest brickfilm titled ‘LEGO Spider Man School Fail’. This 15 minute long brickfilm is made up of a bunch of small skits where Spider Man is the protagonist. In order of appearance, you can see Spider Man fail at a simple math problem, build a couple of small creations, and play an arcade game with your favorite Marvel Super Heroes. All in all, it’s a very simple film.

Though the brickfilm’s humor is pretty basic and childish, it doesn’t take away from the great animation and lighting. The minifigs have incredibly smooth movements, which is only enhanced when Super Cartoon Films uses pans and zoom effects. Similarly, each set is properly lit and features relaxing background music.

All in all, this brickfilm was an enjoyable watch and I’d recommend you give it a watch.


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