LEGO Blackwood’s Lodgings MOC


If there’s one architectural style of building that really catches my eye it would have to be the colonial style. There’s something very special about this types of building that really intrigues me and makes admire these old timey buildings. This feeling is perfectly encapsulated in Ayrlego‘s latest creation the ‘Blackwood’s Lodgings’. This awesome little diorama was built for the Brethren of the Brick Seas group on Eurobricks and, as you can obviously tell, it’s got a very pirate-like and colonial feel to it.

Amongst some of the things I liked about this build are the roof, the wall designs, and the streets. Old buildings are known for not being the cleanest and most pristine, especially in port cities. Arylego’s build features some pretty beaten down walls. Some parts have exposed bricks meanwhile other have varying tones of white bricks. You definitely get a dirty vibe from the build. Similarly, the roofs also have this feeling to them. Ayrlego used a couple of different colors for the 1×1 cylinder pieces that make up the roof tiles of the house, which adds a nice touch of realism. Finally, and thought it might be a bit basic, I also like the way that Ayrlego designed the floor. Back in the day, cobblestone roads were rare and you usually had to walk on dirt, which wasn’t well kept and had rocks and other things on it. This moc features uneven terrain, rocks, and pieces of vegetation, all of which add a sense of realism to the build.

All in all, Ayrlego did a spectacular job with this build. I highly encourage you to visit his Flickr Photostream for other great builds (some of which are actually computer generated!).


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