LEGO BrickHeadz Ursula (41623) First Image

EDIT: The image has been classified as leaks and thus has been taken down.

LEGO Brickheadz news inbound! A brand new image has allegedly been spotted on Instagram (EDIT: Original poster is @mini_legogo) that features the instruction manual for a LEGO Brickheadz Ursula. The image was posted on the LEGO subreddit by user HalfPintOfInnes and in it we can see a fairly well-done adaptation of the iconic Disney villain. Other than that, the poster didn’t really provide any other details regarding the image.

If the image is real, then the set number for this Brickheadz set would be 41623. However, according to another Reddit user, Darth_Turox, this set number actually corresponds to a dual pack set that’s priced at $19.99. Given this, this it would be safe to assume that if the accompanying character in the pack would be Ariel.

Right now we don’t have any further details regarding this potential new Brickheadz set, but we’ll update you if anything new comes out.


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