LEGO Indiana Jones BrickHeadz

The popularity of BrickHeadz is something that I’ll never understand. Nevertheless, I have to give credit where credit is due when I see a superb fan creation. This time the spotlight is on Sandro Damiano’s LEGO Indiana Jones BrickHeadz.

Though simple in nature, these two BrickHeadz are based on the iconic characters of Indiana Jones and Henry Jones. I must say that the first things that caught my eyes when I saw them were Indy’s hat and Henry’s eyes. Indy’s hat simply looks right meanwhile Henry’s eyes look hilarious to me. There’s something about the fact that Damiano used lifebuoy rings as his glasses that just cracks me up.

These BrickHeads were Damiano’s entry to an ItLUG contest. I don’t know if he won, but props on the build as it looks as official as can be.


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