LEGO Indiana Jones Mark VII Tank

Out of all four Indiana Jones films that exist today, The Last Crusade is perhaps my favorite. Not only did the film bring a satisfying ending to the original trilogy, but it also featured a bunch of cool sets and locations that have a lot of potential to be recreated with LEGO. A great example of that is the Mark VII Tank, which was recently recreated by JBIronWorks on Flickr.

In his picture titled Rock vs Cannon, JBIronWorks gives as good look at his LEGO Indiana Jones Mark VII Tank. The amount of detail in this build is incredible. Not only did he nail the color scheme of the tank, but he also used a bunch of small elements to increase the level of detail in the tank. From simple sticks to bows and even handcuffs, JBIronWorks created a realistic interpretation of the tank. He also tried to remain loyal to the film by adding the red and green flags as well as a red marker on the side to represent the Republic of Hatay’s crest.

In regard to features of the build, JBIronWorks stated that the both the hull doors and the turret hatch are completely functional and can be opened. However, one feature that he wasn’t capable of including was movable treads. Though the treads look incredible, they only serve an aesthetic purpose since the are not capable of moving as of right now.

Overall, this build is incredible and it’s worthy of admiration. Below you’ll find more pictures of the creation, but if you’d like to check out more works from JBIronWorks, then go ahead and visit his Flickr account.

The Last Crusade Tank


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