LEGO Medieval Wizard Laboratory

If wizards and magic is something that you are crazy about, then the following MOC is straight up your alley. This is a LEGO medieval wizard laboratory created by Flickr user César Soares and the amount of detail in this build is crazy. This build features everything that you’d expect to find in a wizard’s room. There’s manuscripts, candles, books, jars, baskets with ingredients, and pretty much everything you’d need to create a wizard-y vibe.

Though I’m not entirely sure what scale César used in this MOC, I must say that it looks phenomenal as it allowed him to employ the SNOT (Studs Not On Top) technique. The floor looks great, but the true stars of the show are the walls. The bottom half of the walls features a random assortment of bricks that creates the illusion of a wall made out of stone. Similarly, the top half features cracks on the walls and wooden framing, which adds a nice touch of realism.

All in all, this is an amazing build. Make sure to visit Cesar’s Flickr Photostream for other great MOCs.


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