LEGO Star Wars Solo Chase MOC

Having recently seen the brand new Solo: A Star Wars Story film, I decided to pay a visit to the LEGO Flickr communities to see if I could find any cool MOCs based on the film. Lo and behold, Flickr didn’t fail and I came across this cool creation by Boba-1980. This LEGO Star Wars Solo chase MOC is based on the scenes at the very beginning of the movie when Han is escaping from a deal that went south in the streets Corellia.

While watching the movie, one of the things that caught my attention was the architecture of Corellia. Though we didn’t get to see too much, most of the city in which the movie takes place seems to have a very industrial feel. The buildings are tall, the streets are dark, and there’s a lot of gears and mechanisms all around. When I look at Boba-1980’s MOC, this is the exact vibe that I get. The build features dark gray bricks and lots of pieces that resemble metal structures and tools that you’d expect to see in an industrial complex. There’s also quite a fair amount of detail in the build such as the ice-cream pieces that resemble steam, railings at the edge of the street, and exposed gears on the wall.

Another cool thing about this MOC is the fact that Boba-1980 went with a Microfighter scale. Though the speeder isn’t quite a microfighter, the custom speeder is. Both vehicles seem to be proportionate enough in size that they perfectly blend in with the overall build. I wish we had more than just one corner so that we could see more of Corellia through Boba’s eyes.

Overall, this is quite a nice build and I can’t wait to see what other things Boba might have in store for us.


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