LEGO The Incredibles Video Game Will Feature Other Disney Pixar Characters

The new LEGO The Incredibles Video Game is just around the corner and the list of achievements has been made public by the people over at True Achievements. Like all other LEGO games, you’ll be unlocking these achievements as you progress through the game and fulfill certain tasks that might or might not be easy to identify. In total, the game provides 50 unique achievements that you can unlock throughout the game, however, some of them seem to be hiding a couple of Easter Eggs regarding other Pixar characters.

From the list of 50 achievements, 2 seem to shine some light at the fact that there might be other Disney Pixar characters within the game. Those achievements are:


  • Truly Incredible! – The icon for this achievement features Mr. Incredible as well as four other characters: Woody, Bing Bong, Wall-E, Merida, and Russell.
  • Just Keep Swimming – The icon for this achievement features Dory inside a fish bowl and its description reads, “Complete an underwater race as Dory,” which pretty much confirms that you’ll be playing, at some point, as Dory.


Overall, it seems quite fun that players will be able to use Disney Pixar characters other than those belonging to The Incredibles’ movie. If the future holds and DLCs for this game, then we might even see more characters making their way to the game.

As of right now that game is scheduled to be released on June 15, 2018, but you can already pre-order it from Amazon or Gamestop (which includes an exclusive LEGO Edna minifigure).



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