Motorized LEGO Star Wars UCS Display

It’s no secret that the static nature of the LEGO Star Wars UCS displays is somewhat of a let down. Sometimes, our UCS models don’t just have one good viewing angle, but rather they are beautiful all around. A Reddit user felt this exact same way and came up with a clever way to motorize his LEGO Star Wars UCS display.

What you see above is nothing more than pure cleverness. In short, this Reddit user took his LEGO Slave I UCS and mounted it on top of a motorized turntable display he bought off from Amazon. The exact turntable that he used was This One and the great thing, according to him, is the fact it rotates very smoothly and has a rubber overmold on the rotating part so that the UCS model feels secure. Similarly, he also claims that it’s quite silent, so you don’t have to worry about having some annoying motor background noise. This Reddit user isn’t done yet, however, as he soon plans to add LEDs to the display.

Overall, I found this to be quite a clever way to display the LEGO Star Wars UCS models. You can find the original Reddit post HERE and you can check out the exact turntable HERE.


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