New LEGO Theme: LEGO xtra

Thanks to Steineflut, a reader from the PromoBricks website, we have discovered that there’s a new LEGO theme on the way. The theme will be called ‘LEGO xtra’ and it will apparently be a theme focused on accessory sets. From the images that Steineflut provided, it appears to be that these sets will be polybags, but it remains to be seen whether or not we’ll be getting actual sets.

Based on the information that PromoBricks provided, Steineflut came across these new sets when he visited a LEGO Brand Store in Hamburg. Not only that, but apparently this new theme will be officially launched tomorrow, June 1st.

The sets that Steineflut was able to grab from the store have the following set numbers: 40309, 40310, 40311, 40312, and 40313. Respectively, each set features food accessories (30 pieces), trees and plants (24 pieces), traffic lights 46 pieces), lamps (34 pieces), and bicycles (21 pieces).

Regarding pricing, all we know is that these polybags retailed for 3.99 euros.

All in all, its quite lovely that LEGO is finally releasing accessory packs like these. Hopefully this theme will grow up to become a fan favorite with more exclusive parts as it grows old.

LEGO xtra 1

LEGO xtra 2

LEGO xtra 3

LEGO xtra 4

LEGO xtra 5


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