Wouldn’t it be great if we could have some awesome 90s LEGO hoodie designs? Well, that’s exactly what Reddit user DerpusDraconis thought when he was assigned his final university assessment. Since he is studying a Bach of Multimedia, he was tasked with creating six original products that could be sold in a series. The professor suggest that the projects be based on something that you are passionate about and that you yourself would buy. Thus, DerpusDraconis decided to create six loose-fit zipped and pullover hoodies, inspired by some of the most iconic LEGO themes of the 90s.

With hoodie colors ranging from red to yellow to even brown (all of which correspond to the traditional LEGOLand color palette), DerpusDraconis did an amazing job with the hoodie designs and the use of LEGO symbols. In order of appearance, his designs feature themes such as Aquasharks, UFO, Ice Planet 2002, Islanders, Rock Raiders and Royal Knights. Each hoodie features an iconic headpiece from each theme as well as a brief tagline in the bottom. Also, since Derpus decided to dig into the lore of each theme, there’s a couple of hidden references and allusions within these hoodies.

These design are totally out of this world, however, odds are you wont be able to get your hands on any of these given that there would be some license issue with LEGO. Nonetheless, this won’t stop you from taking a look at the remaining design and admiring the hard work that DerpusDraconis put into these hoodies.


90s LEGO Hoodie designs


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