LEGO Disneyland Microscale: A Magical New LEGO Ideas Project

Every now and then we find certain creations of the LEGO Ideas platform that make your jaw drop to the ground. We’ve seen everything from cars to spaceships to even intricate modular buildings, but now Brickproject_7540 brings us a brand new and adorable microscale set: a LEGO Disneyland Park.

As a fan of LEGO and Disneyland, Brickproject_7540 decided to create his own LEGO Disney park that features some of most iconic buildings and rides from Disney parks from all around the world. This microscale set contain approximately 2,200 bricks and you can find over 7 unique buildings. Some of the buildings you’ll find include:

  • The Disney Castle
  • Tower of Terror (Disney Studios)
  • Space Mountain (Disneyland)
  • Mickey Wheel (Disney California Adventure)
  • Big Thunder Mountain (with railtrack) (Disneyland)
  • Shop Street/Main Street)
  • Train Station

The amount of detail in this project is astounding. The microscale is definitely one of the most limiting scales you can work on, but if done right, like Brickproject_7540 did, the result can be spectacular. As a matter of fact, the design looks so good that it lends itself to become its own potential LEGO theme. Imagine a theme based solely on microscale Disneyland sets that you can mix and match. You could recreate current parks or create your own! (Come on LEGO, hire Brickproject_7540 to design this theme!!)

One of the coolest things about this LEGO Ideas project is the fact that Brickproject_7540 has included a map of the build (picture above) as we as a virtual tour! Yes! A virtual tour which you can visit by Clicking This Link!

Right now, none of the buildings feature an interior other than Thunder Mountain, but Brickproject_7540 will work hard to see if he can create other interior designs. Similarly, he hopes to create some Disney micro figure which could be included in the park.

All in all, Brickproject_7540’s LEGO Disneyland Park project is a work of art and it definitely deserves to become an official project. I encourage you all to visit the project page and to support it if you like. Brickproject_7540 will keep on adding on to this project, so stay tuned for future updates!


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