LEGO The Incredibles Video Game 20% Off at Fanatical (PC)

The brand new LEGO The Incredibles Video Game is only two weeks away from being released. Though the game might have many fans anxious to get their hand on a copy of the game, others might be waiting for a discount before the get their hands on it. Well, let me tell you that if you are looking for a discount, then you might have found one.

Fanatical, a PC video game retailer, has recently added a 20% off discount on the PC version of the LEGO The Incredibles Video Game. The regular retail price for the game is $39.99 USD, but they’ve brought it down to $31.99. Though this is only a $8.00 discount, some might want to take advantage of it.

It’s worth point out that when comparing the Steam page and the Fanatical Page, it seems to be that the Fanatical version does not include early access to the Parr Family Vacation Character Pack.

Now, if you’re like me, then you are probably wondering who is Fanatical and whether they are a legitimate company or not. Based on what I could gather, Fanatical is a division from Focus Multimedia, which is an established video game publisher and retailer that has been operating for nearly 23 years. They’ve also been recognized by big name video game companies and they get their game codes directly from game publishers. In other words, they are a legitimate company. If you decide to purchase your game through them, you’ll receive a Steam Code which you can then redeem on the Steam platform.

Hope you find this discount useful!


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