New LEGO Plushies: Hot Dog Guy & Bee Girl

LEGO Plushies 4

As most of you might have already realized, the new wave of summer sets is now available at local LEGO stores as well as on Shop@Home. However, there’s also a couple of other smaller products that were released as well such as two new LEGO plushies. The plushies are based on the iconic Hot Dog Guy minifig and the Bee Girl minifig. These two look adorable and could make an amazing gift for a friend or family member. I didn’t want these to get lost in LEGO’s inventory, so I thought I’d share them with you.

LEGO Plushies 5

LEGO Plushies 6

LEGO Plushies 1

LEGO Plushies 2

LEGO Plushies 3


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