About Us

Welcome to BrickNexus.com! We are a up and coming LEGO fan website whose sole purpose is to bring you the latest news from all around the LEGO community. We seek to cover multiple topics such as general news, fan creations, brickfilms, events, shopping deals, rumors and much, much more. Right now we are in the early stages of this fan project, but we will pour all of our energy to make this dream come true.

Brick Nexus was created out of nothing more than the love towards the iconic plastic bricks that we all know as LEGO. The founder, Thomas, has been a LEGO fan since his a very early age, however, there was something within him that forced him to create a new platform where LEGO fans could come together and read fun and interesting articles regarding their favorite toys. We know that many of you share the same love towards the LEGO brand and we hope that you can help us make the best out of this fan project.

If you’re interested to learn more about Brick Nexus or would like to contact us regarding other subjects, then please visit our Contact Page.

Have a nice day and happy building!